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-Eating strawberries is associated with a reduced risk of many chronic illnesses
-May improve heart health, lower blood sugar levels, and help prevent cancer
-Improve blood antioxidant status
-Decrease oxidative stress
-Reduce inflammation
-Improve vascular function
-Improve your blood lipid profile
-Reduce the harmful oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol



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-Low in calories but high in nutrients
-King of antioxidants
-Reduce D.N.A. damage which may help protect against aging and cancer
-Protect cholesterol in your blood from becoming damaged
-May lower blood pressure
-May help prevent heart disease
-Can help maintain brain function and improve memory
-Anthocyanins May have anti-diabetes effects
-May help fight urinary tract infections
-May reduce muscle damage after exercise



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-May be good for weight loss
-May be good for your heart
-Link to lower risk of diabetes
-May have prebiotic effects

-May promote good gut bacteria
-Substances in apples may help prevent cancer
-Contains compounds that can help asthma
-May be good for bone health
-May help protect your brain


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