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Why the Natural Approach?

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Is a question we should all be asking ourselves.

Mother Nature is kind, caring, and powerful, and if you buy into working alongside it then your life will see more positive changes. Try to approach every situation that life throws at you in a holistic way. Whether it be eating habits, walking more, peace and meditation, work environment, personal relationships; anything done with a natural approach will have a better resolution to it. In a world that we don’t have total authority in, the most important thing we can control is what we put into and surround our bodies with. The body is a sponge in regards to what we learn, we think. What we eat, we feel. What we surround ourselves with, we become, and so on.

The natural approach in regards to diet can go a long way in improving one’s health. Cutting out a lot of acidic additives, preservatives, and ingredients that you don’t need in your food will help your body digest at a better and faster rate. The more pure our food is, the more pure we will feel and we will become. Everything is connected, watching our diet and trying new fruits and vegetables can be great for ones mental and physical health.

Learning and researching where we come from and where we have been can determine our success to where we are going in life. Before we thrived with technology and were able to have almost anything we wanted at our fingertips; portions were rationed amongst the masses and fasting was a method of living for years to come. Food wasn’t as easy to get in earlier years from searching, hunting, traveling long distances, and other hard tasks to obtain food. Now there’s tons of grocery stores at every corner filled with foods that have traveled from miles away. Portion sizes have gone from doubling to even quadrupling in some households. We’ve gone from eating once or twice a day to eating three to four meals a day plus snacking. We got to have an open mind and do our research on what works best for our bodies and immune system in order to achieve healthier eating habits.

The natural approach to everyday life can be anything from using more natural products to using more natural coping methods to deal with problems we come across routinely. The biggest resolution that a natural approach can deal with for your everyday life is reducing, managing, and ultimately eliminating stress. Stress can lead to a lot of problems like health, personal, business, mental, physical, and many more. Studies show that stress has direct correlation to one’s physical and mental health so dealing with it can determine one’s outlook of life. It’s important to stay on top of things and to build a healthy routine. A healthy routine can consist of meditating, yoga, stretching, working out, sports, reading, fasting, breathing techniques, hobbies, and learning something new. Anything that can relate to and put you more in touch with your inner self is a great thing to focus on.

A natural approach to me, can be something as small as going on a walk or big as changing one’s diet. Choosing a healthier lifestyle will better yourself and make you feel happier than ever before. It’s indescribable but one thing is for sure, it’s a must.


You can always make any situation better by taking a deep breathe and looking at it from all perspectives in order to make the best decision to go about it. We go through difficulties everyday but we can either run from them learn from them.

Here’s some ways you can start now:

  1. Going on a walk

  2. Deep breathing techniques

  3. Stretching and exercise

  4. Yoga and meditating

  5. Sports

  6. Family game night

  7. Making a meal with a loved one

  8. Learn something new or interesting

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